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I am an emotional wellbeing psychotherapist and coach. And I'm all about helping people to feel emotionally balanced to deal with the overwhelm and to feel calm and at peace with yourself. By the end of the day, one of the greatest things that I've achieved over the last 20 odd years is to be able to put my head on the pillow at the end of the day, and just feel a peace within myself that is a absolute gold. 
The inner critic was my biggest block, and it is probably your biggest block to you moving forward. 
We need to get rid of that critic to be able to move forward because otherwise, we're just constantly in the way of ourselves. 
We say things to ourselves such as "you can't do that", " you're no good at that", and "that's not going to work". 
Because of this, it stops us, it stops us moving forward, it stops us trying. And I know you might be tired of trying, by now, but just don't give up. And what I would ask of you is to be compassionate with yourself. Just be kind to yourself. If you are struggling, it's okay. Of course, it's understandable why you're struggling, you've been through a really difficult time, you've had a really difficult life. 
Your brain has been set to kind of send you warnings, when things are difficult. So it sends you automatic warnings, like "don't do that" or "don't go there", "don't speak to that person" "don't get involved with that person, because you'll get hurt". 
Your stuck in a place where you just don't move forward at all. So the way to start, the first three tips I want to give you are three things that you need to do to start on this journey of self acceptance, self love, and self care. The first one is just writing down what you are grateful for today. 
Write down one or two things that you're grateful for today. 
Number two is just think about how lovely you are. Think about good things that you do. Find something nice to do for yourself, because sometimes it's action that speaks louder than words. So think about how somebody else might show compassion towards you, not criticizing you, being nice to you, they might give you a gift or they might take you out somewhere or they might want to meet you. All those things you wish for. 
So meet yourself, do something for yourself that you know you enjoy. Go and find an activity that is going to be enhancing for you something that you like doing, just do it, do lots of it, because that helps to remove the inner critic, because you're taking actions to say no, actually, you're not that bad, you're worthy of this. That's the message. 
The third thing is when that inner critical voice comes in, when you hear that voice, or those words of "oh, you can't do that", "don't try that", or, "nothing's going to work", "you're no good", "you're not worthy of this", "you're not gonna get anywhere"; actually just stop yourself. 
Challenge that voice. Say, "You are worthy, cause you're worthy". "You're worthy, because you're you". 
You know, you can validate yourself. You don't need anybody else to validate you. You can tell yourself, you're worth it. Forget those people out there who tell you you're not because you know you are. To turn it round. If you find you inner critic saying, oh, "you can't do that". Or, "look at what they have that you haven't" 
Say to yourself, "so what do I have?" Okay, you might not have what other people have. But maybe you have something different. Maybe you have something that's worth more to them than you see. So perhaps they're looking at you and think well actually, they've got that. 
So think about what you have got in life. Start to work on changing that mindset. If you would like more help on this do get a copy of my book The REBEL method where I have a whole chapter on Removing the Inner Critic.  
If you've got any questions, please get in contact or just write your comments below. Love to hear what your thoughts are and take care. 
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