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I really struggled myself with sleep when we were placed in Lockdown due to Covid-19 last March. 
Our basic needs for security, certainty, employment loss, financial insecurity are being affected currently and this can leave us with worries. When we are worried our sleep can be affected. 
Here are some tips for better sleep: 
Turn off tablets or phones early, most of us know this but can lack discipline around it. 
Have a hot bath or shower, get into pj’s early that are cosy, Lavender oil in the bath or on the pillow or burner can aid sleep. 
Do not sleep during the day, if you need to rest during the day gentle yoga, meditation or walking can act as forms of resting and relaxation. 
Keep bedtime routines consistent, e.g usual bedtime routines that you were used to previously should continue. 
Caffeine - restrict this from early evening or afternoon to aid sleep, instead use herbal teas e.g nightime camomile or oatflower. You can use 2 tea bags to make your herbal tea stronger. 
Reflexology points. Massage the top of the thumb it may feel a little sore. This is the point for your head. It can have a similar effect to having a head massage. This point is also on your big toe. 
Soak your feet in warm water, you can add oils lavender, chamomile. 
Reading soothing books at night, nothing too dramatic a novel or something you are interested in. 
No electronics in the bedroom, only make it a sleeping area. 
If you can not sleep get up, do not lie in bed fighting the fact that you can not sleep as this produces more adrenaline. Do an activity such as knitting, jigsaws or even baking. 
Listen to meditations or podcasts. I recommend Oprah Whinfrey or Tara Brach. There is also an app called Calm which has sleep stories. Many of my clients have used these and found them helpful. I do too. 
Do a body scan to support relaxation prior to sleep, there are many available on Utube. You can click here to listen to mine. It is important to find one where you find the voice relaxing.  
Write a gratitude list at the end of every day. Three things you are grateful for, this will help you go to bed with a positive mindset, setting you up for better and more restful sleep. 
Wishing you all the very best for a restful sleep. 
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