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Resentments can be an emotionally painful thing to have. We feel angry and are continuously thinking of the person or thing that has caused us harm. 
What are resentments? 
• Old Hurt 
• Old Anger 
• Struggle with accepting your own powerlessness 
• Judgement 
• Not letting go of the past 
• Can be a routine 
• Familiar rut 
• Ruminating on certain thoughts and hurts 
What happens if we have resentments? 
• We become victims 
• Cuts us off from enjoying life 
• Destroys our sense of spirituality 
• We stay hurt 
• Become obsessive in our thinking 
• Drive others away 
• Cannot let go 
• Struggle to find acceptance 
1. Write them down 
2. Train yourself to not dwell on it 
3. Prayer or meditation. 
4. Let the resentment just be, if you cannot forgive, be indignant, state that they were ‘wrong’ or ‘bad’ but do not let this control you anymore. 
1. Firstly, we need to become willing to ‘let go’ of the resentment, (relax your grip) 
2. Assess what is at the ROOT of the resentment. Anger or hurt or both. 
ANGER - How have they violated my values, my boundaries, me? 
HURT - In what way have I been injured? 
What part of me has been harmed enough for me to cling to this resentment? 
What has been damaged? Is it my 
Pride, Reputation, Trust, Boundaries? 
If you feel that resentments are dominating your life and affecting your wellbeing then our Anxiety and Depression Recovery Retreat  
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