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So why do we all struggle with self belief so much? I have found over the years that my self belief has stages to it. 
Years ago I did not even believe I could say the ‘right’ thing in a conversation 
Today I do not believe that if I stand on a stage and talk to hundreds of people that I will deliver a message that people will want to listen to or hear. 
So, in a way, I have come a long way. 
There are some basic things we can do to build our self belief. 
Underlying our self belief is our personal drivers. The stories we have built about ourselves over the years about how we need to ‘perform’ in the world. Then there are our conditions of worth. Messages we have received in childhood or adulthood from teachers, parents, bosses, people in authority which we have unconsciously taken on as ours, we are so trusting sometimes. Have you ever considered that some of these messages might be pure BS? 
Affirmations are a good starting point. It is incredible how quickly your mindset can change by using continuous affirmations. I would also suggest combining the affirmations with some body work. The body needs to shift it’s self belief too. Incredibly all of our beliefs from childhood and life become stuck in our bodies so we need to move and use postures and gestures to indicte and establish how we want to feel within both our minds and our bodies. 
You will be amazed how many yoga poses have a psychological meaning as well. 
So once we have established a good routing of daily affirmations we need to look at what is really going on, what are our blocks, who and what is our inner critical voice and what attitudes and beliefs we hold inside ourselves which produce a story which may not be true about why something is difficult to achieve, is not for us, we are not capable of or we simply can not do until it is perfect! 
Sometimes we just need that push to believe in ourselves, but a subconscious push can be more effective. Blocks are there and sometimes we can not access them. They present in our dreams and in those moments where we shy away, unintentionally forget or just say ‘no’ to opportunities, not really know why we have but basing it just on a feeling ‘we can’t’. Even though there may be a desire the overriding feeling of ‘it’s just not worth the effort’ holds us back. 
In this way meditation is great. Meditate, visualise and write about your dreams and goals. See yourself on that stage or in that job. The power of visualisation is key. It rewires your brain to see something as a possibility, diminishing those excuses and blocks that come naturally with our brains. Your brain will often automatically and subconsciously reject change as something that is threatening. If you see it in your mind’s eye. Your brain will start to believe. 
If you would like to join me on my online Self-Belief Workshop, please click here. 
Wishing you peace of mind, 
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