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Try one thing, maybe push to two? See how much more you can do! 
You know that feeling we get when we go into a new space, a new house maybe? When it’s all clear and we feel that little bit lighter. Well we don’t have to move house to get that feeling, we can declutter our spaces and ourselves! 
Decluttering your space is a great way to clear your mind and energy. Just try to declutter one area in your home, maybe that cupboard you’ve been thinking about for ages? Or the clothes you’ve been holding onto for a little bit too long? Throw away any broken or tattered stuff. We all have items that are sentimental. Holding onto them is important. Selling items is a great way to clear stuff out and get a little back (those extra pennies could go towards a self-care treat!) Or, you could give some things away, either to a charity or someone you know. 
Burning oils in your home or your space not only smells great but can give you a little boost that improves your general well-being and mindset. Setting intentions when burning oils is a great way to really boost their effect, I believe when we believe something works it does. So just changing our thoughts while burning oils can boost their effectiveness. 
Put up some affirmations around your space, make them yourself and get creative! This is a great way to remind yourself that you are amazing and you can have some fun while doing it, which is a great way to boost our mood. 
What about self care then? Well, a nice bath, you could add some salts in, (you could add your oils in there too) is a great way to cleanse our bodies. Having a shave or trimming your beard gents. Washing our hair, exfoliating our skin and putting on a face mask are all really easy and effective ways to practice self care for men and women. 
Look at areas of your life you would like to tidy up, maybe your food and eating habits? Maybe you have been putting off an appointment? Book in with your doctor, optician, dentist, barber or hairdresser. Doing these things is so important for our well-being but also helps to clear our minds of any worries we have been holding onto. Get outside, you could do some gardening? This is good for our bodies and minds but also is a way of decluttering our spaces. Get out for a walk. 
Another effective way of clearing away those worries, fears, resentments and anything we may have been holding onto is by journaling. We don’t have to be writers, or write a whole book. Just writing a list of things we want to forgive ourselves for, things we may have been holding onto helps to clear them from our minds. Forgive yourself that the kitchen has got into a bit of a mess, it’s ok. Maybe it goes a bit deeper than that and you need to forgive yourself for not being there for someone you care about, write it down. It’s ok. We can forgive ourselves for anything we feel we didn’t get right, didn’t achieve or didn’t try. 
Clean up that old jewelry. This is a great way to spring clean and self care in one. Untangle the chains, give them a clean and finally, wear them! 
Lastly, why not give yourself a day off, what have you got to lose? Plan it so you can just ‘be’ - you don’t have to do anything. This can be very difficult for a lot of us but it’s really important we take time to do nothing. It means we fill up our tanks, life can be demanding so it’s important we have the energy to live it! 
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