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A review from a Retreat participant 
Little things we do, little changes we make have big impacts on our lives. 
Anxiety can hit us at any time and at any age. 
It can be experienced in short or longer periods of time. Everyone has different triggers and everyone handles that anxiety differently. 
However, we can all make little changes which can have a big impact on how we manage the anxiety and prevent it from cascading to depression. 
28yr old single mum, Alex, suffered with anxiety for as long as she could remember, all through her childhood and into her adult years which got considerably worse after her daughter was born. Anxiety fuelled from thoughts that something bad would happen to her and this perfect life she had created. 
Gradually, her relationship with her child’s father broke down and her anxiety began to spiral completely out of control. She felt like she was living a nightmare. She experienced physical pain in her stomach, and shoulders and suffered with frequesnt headaches. She would be awake hours on end of a night time, would be sick or have to dash to the loo as often as every day where the anxiety would hit and her body would go into “melt down mode” as she called it. The panic attacks were unbearable. 
She felt hopeless to get out of this downward spiral, feel half better or be able to learn to cope with negative thoughts and feelings. Admitting that she had very little faith that she would be able to change her thinking techniques after suffering for so long, she reached out to me and together we have worked to rebuild her perfect life with hope and courage. 
Alex joined a retreat and also devoured a copy of my book 'The REBEL Method'. From these she gained the tools to be able to accept who she was and 'just be' with situations that would previously keep her awake at night.  
"Reading the book is like taking breath of fresh air because it was like a mirror image. I feel it’s so relatable to me it’s like I’m reading it about myself." 
Having been on the retreat, Alex found that mixing with like minded people who allowed her to be heard and to tell her story in a safe place felt like winning the lottery.  
"I walked into a room of strangers who accepted me and within minutes I felt like I’d come home" 
It gave Alex confidence to believe in herself, to know that it's ok to mix with new and different people. 
"It was so interesting to be with people from all different walks of life with an instant feel of acceptance" 
"After my stay at the retreat and having nearly completed The REBEL Method book, I am, hand on heart, a completely different person. I don’t believe there will ever be enough words to describe how thankful I am to Vanessa for the positive change she has brought to my life and I can honestly say her and her team saved my life. 
I now feel motivated, positive, inspired, grateful and happy." 
Alex has said a few key words/ phrases she took away from the retreat and has learnt to put into practice in every day life are “let it go”, “acceptance”, “it’s ok”, “just be”, “you matter”, “you are heard”, “you are not alone”. These are words she now believes and practices. 
"I do feel like a completely different person. Honestly if I had the ability to give every single adult who feels a victim of anxiety/depression the chance to meet the team, go on the retreat or read The REBEL Rethod I undoubtedly would. It’s hands down changed my life, saved my life & helped make my life a happier one." 
Alex made some small choice life changes, and it had a big effect on her mental well-being, happiness and outlook on her life and her future. 
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