Healing the Motherline 
Thank you 
I am so excited you are here 
Check you emails for the zoom links of the masterclasses 
Here's what you will learn 
What is at the core of your negative self beliefs 
How to release negative internal messages 
How to release resentment 
Lean into understanding your lineage and how that has impacted you 
It's time to stop the cycle of dysfunction or your mother line and be the one to make changes.  
Let me take you on this journey to start your healing process, this is possible and we can do it together. 
I am here to support you.  
Understand what may be causing you to feel the way you do 
Take the first step to stopping the people pleasing 
Know what it is that is making you so unhappy 
Start to believe that change is possible 
Hear the brain science about our lineages 
This is not your ordinary masterclass. 
You will be digging deep, discovering parts of yourself and maybe others as well and leaning into the journey of making peace with those. 
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