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Educate about Your Mind Online Workshop 

Workshops - Develop the tools to help you calm your mind, feel better and healthier within yourself  
Understanding the science behind why I was emotionally struggling was enlightening and strangely comforting. This workshop was incredibly powerful and it felt good to be working things through with the expert care of Vanessa. 
Kirsty P 
Loved it from start to finish.  
It was just what I needed and it was great to connect  
with other like-minded people. 

The Power Of Being Centered 

Learn how to use simple mindfulness and your imagination to centre yourself on a daily basis so you feel stable, remove the overwhelm and can face difficulties with balance and hope 

Protection From Negativity 

Understand and be able to protect yourself from negativity and the impact that it can have on your well-being 

See The Science 

Understand why you are feeling the way you are. This in itself helps to build your resilience. 

Empowering Yourself 

Feel in control of your life and choices moving forward into your next challenges with confidence. 

Connection With Likeminded People 

Connect with others who also struggle so you can gain strength together to take on the world and be happier. 

Be Supported 

Spend 90 minutes in a supportive space where you can BE YOURSELF, share your truth and not be judged. 

Rebel method Online Workshop  

To book a place, please click on the payment link of your choice.  

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