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Meet The Retreat Team 

Vanessa Wallace 
Vanessa is an expert in self-compassion and self-love as well as highly skilled in enabling her clients to make changes within their thinking processes, supporting them to shift their perceptions to healthier alternatives bringing on healing and positivity in life.  
With over 20 years experience of working in mental health services Vanessa has been on a journey of recovery herself from anxiety, depression and addictions.  
Vanessa brings out the best in her clients supporting them to access their own self confidence and self belief. She is an amazing listener with a calmness and non- judgemental approach that is compassionate and understanding.  
Vanessa believes that everyone has their own amazingness and ability to shine, we just need to give ourselves permission to access that. 
Lorna Wiggins 
Lorna is a compassionate counsellor and coach that has been helping people transform their lives since her career in began in 2006. Lorna believes that with support, anxiety and depression can be beaten. Imagine a clear mind, feeling grounded and calm; better connected, confident and positive, no longer being hard on your self – it’s all possible. Not only can Lorna help you explore and understand where your worry and fears are rooted, she can introduce you to a range of strategies including her extensive and personal experience with mindfulness which transforms into practical self-help steps. 
Lorna believes that becoming an active participant in your own recovery can make you feel good about yourself. You didn’t ask to be depressed or anxious, you are not the cause of it, and you can’t just snap yourself out of it. Taking the courageous step of seeking help will start you on the path back to happiness and enjoyment will return to your life. 
JJ Van Zon 
JJ is an expert on authentic decision-making shifting the influence of fear into the power of love. With 20 years experience as a professional dancer, coach and yoga and meditation mentor, he's a cutting-edge leader in body, mind and soul awareness. As a certified hatha yoga teacher JJ balances the body movements with a positive mindset. His warm and theatrical, teaching style instils clarity and confidence in overcoming any limiting beliefs that hold you back. 
In his spiritual coaching he'll show you the tools to create that magnetic energy that will provide the things you need to enjoy a happy and healthy life. Love Ambassador JJ believes that when we choose love over fear, we are aligned with our spirit. And when we choose from the heart, we are less affected by distractions and can enjoy life with peace and joy. 
"I would absolutely recommend Vanessa at Crystal Clear a thousand times over. You have to put the work in and row the boat but Vanessa makes an excellent captain and steers you in the right direction. Wishing you inner peace, calm and sunshine in your life. x" 

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