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Do you worry that you are not doing what feel you should be doing? 
Do you worry about how you feel? 
Do you worry about your relationships? 
Do you worry about your health? 
Do you worry so much that you become overwhelmed? 
Did you know that 90% of the things you worry about do not actually happen? 
So what is the "Worrier to Warrior" challenge? 
During the course you will: 
Learn what causes the feelings of overwhelm 
Gain two key skills to help you to relax and become more positive in your life 
Be able to recognise two types of thinking that lead you straight into worry 
Understand the link between your brain and worry 
Following completing the challenge you will be able to: 
Stop the cycle of negative thoughts 
Find a place where worry does not exist 
Change the way you think about things 
Be gentler on yourself 
Feel better about life and challenges that you face. 

 Take up the From Worrier to Warrior Challenge for only £35  

Video 1 

Cycles of Worry That Lead To Overwhelm 

Understand how worry can impact in a negative way and lead to overwhelm. 

Video 2 

Using Grounding Techniques 

Learn how to calm your mind so you can feel more able to cope. 

Video 3 

Shoulds and Musts  

Address your thinking to help you be less negative. 

Video 4 


Learn techniques to build a more positive way of seeing life. 


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