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Vanessa Wallace Psychotherapist and Emotional Balance coach is available for interview and podcasts. 
She supports and empowers her audience to find their own strength and purpose in life. 
Vanessa, as an ex heroin addict, brings a message of hope and inspiration to anyone who is struggling.She believes that we all can recover from difficult times and circumstances but that we often need the right help, support and guidance to get there.  
Vanessa has just recently become a best selling author hitting no:1 in the Amazon hot new releases charts for mental health and psychology.  
Her book The REBEL method shares her story as well as providing a user friendly and supported journey for her readers to manage anxiety and depression and get out of the overwhelm which comes with these conditions.  
Her mission is to bring hope to the world that recovery is possible, to end stigma against mental health and help to build a more compassionate society where we communicate with each other and unite in the common language that it is 'ok to not be ok'.  
She mentors her clients in her work to become the best version of themselves, to find joy and happiness in their lives and to be in alignment with who they truly are, as well as finding complete self-acceptance and peace of mind. 
Vanessa has been featured on BBC Radio, Duggystone Radio, Northampton Pulse Magazine, and The Midlife Movement. She has her own UTUBE channel and can be found on all social media sites as Vanessa Wallace, Crystal Clear Retreats (facebook) and Crystalclearcoach (instagram) 
Vanessa runs transformational retreats for Anxiety and Depression all over the UK and online. 
Her life changing programme supports people to come out of depression, anxiety and addictions to find a healthier and more emotionally balanced life. 


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Read Vanessa's article entitled Self-Acceptance, Self-Compassion and Loving Connection in Recovery Post Detox 

NN Pulse Magazine 

Issue 50 
October 2019 
Page 29 
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