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Testimonials for Vanessa Wallace and Crystal Clear Coaching 
"Vanessa is a fantastic coach offering ideas with an approachable manner. Her listening and communication skills are excellent and she enables you to get to the heart of the topic and gently explore your true feelings and the possible options. Her wealth of experience makes you feel safe and comfortable. 
I would recommend her to anyone looking for a knowledgeable, personable coach who will leave you feeling better-informed and and very capable to make the most informed choices with regard to any matters that need to be addressed." 
Denis Rafter Rafter Associates, Financial Management. 
"My experience with Vanessa from the start was positive. Obviously seeing a coach at first can be really unnerving, but she made me feel at ease and once you get talking about the problems that you wish to discuss and reach out for guidance. You start to feel progress into positive thoughts. I became very settled and comfortable very quickly. She has helped me through a lot and I would recommend her to anyone. You feel you can say anything without judgement. Seeing Vanessa has changed my life for the better." 
Abigail Tompkins 
"I have been working with Vanessa for about two years and our sessions have aided me to enhance my ability to independently manipulate thought processes through the use of cognitive-behavioural techniques, leading to emotional well-being and greater peace of mind. Vanessa has helped me formulate and achieve goals, clarify my thinking, improve my relationships, and just feel and live better. I couldn’t recommend her more highly!" 
Vanessa L 
"When I looked at Vanessa’s Website I instantly saw a parallel between my own life and the points shown on the page. Being in my mid 50’s I have seen a bit of life, yet knew I was locked in a cycle of negativity that somehow creeps up on you and becomes ‘you’. It was having a huge impact in all aspects of my life from work to family and I knew I needed to change ’something’, but didn’t know what that ’something’ was let alone how to achieve it. The 12 step programme is brilliant, it required me to ’step outside’ of my normal self and be prepared to be challenged on my beliefs and views whilst being prepared by Vanessa to be open to alternate thought patterns. Vanessa has the tools at her disposal to understand ‘you’ and to deploy both her skill as a Coach and the tools at her disposal to transform your life. I thoroughly recommend Vanessa to anyone who feels lost and doesn’t know how to get back on track. 
Alistair January 2020 
If you are ready to take the first step towards a new you, email me at vanessa@crystalclearcoaching.org 
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