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The Ultimate Guide to Managing Anxiety and Depression 

Vanessa Wallace 
Is putting everyone else’s needs first beginning to really drain you? 
Does every day feel like the same old burden? 
Do you feel that life was not supposed to be like this and wish for something more? 
The longer you stay in this state, the worse you’ll feel. Vanessa often works with mid-life women who have been in this position for years – caring for others but neglecting themselves. The cumulative effect over years is huge. 
Vanessa believes that we all deserve to be happy, to be free of negative thoughts, anxiety and depression. And no matter how bleak the starting point, she helps her clients work towards the life they want. 
Vanessa has had her own periods of depression, anxiety and addiction which ultimately led her to train as a CBT therapist and set up Crystal Clear Coaching. She specialises in helping those for whom hope is out of grasp. She learned how to get results fast when working in mental health services and has used that, along with her personal experience and knowledge of mindfulness, to create the REBEL method, which will give you: 
Peace of mind 
Control over your anxiety 
Acceptance of who you are and the journey you’ve taken 
Hope and excitement for the future 
However, as with any journey, you have to take that first step; look at your old self, understand it, accept it and change it. REBEL. 

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