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The Ultimate Guide to Managing Anxiety and Depression 

Vanessa Wallace 
Is putting everyone else’s needs first beginning to really drain you? 
Does every day feel like the same old burden? 
Do you feel that life was not supposed to be like this and wish for something more? 
The longer you stay in this state, the worse you’ll feel. Vanessa Wallace often works with mid-life women who have been experiencing anxiety and depression for years – caring for others but neglecting themselves. The cumulative effect over is huge. 
Vanessa believes that we all deserve to be happy, to be free of negative thoughts, anxiety and depression. And no matter how bleak the starting point, she helps her clients work towards the life they want. 
Vanessa has had her own periods of depression, anxiety and addiction which ultimately led her to train as a Cognitive Behaviour Therapist and set up Crystal Clear Coaching after many years of working in mental health institutions. She specialises in helping those for whom hope is out of grasp. She learned how to get results fast when working in mental health services and has used that, along with her personal experience and knowledge of mindfulness, to create the REBEL method, which will give you: 
Peace of mind 
Control over your anxiety 
Acceptance of who you are and the journey you’ve taken 
Hope and excitement for the future 
However, as with any journey, you have to take that first step; look at your old self, understand it, accept it and change it. REBEL. 

The Rebel Method Reviews 

"This is a comprehensive book written with clarity and conciseness. The REBEL method in my opinion makes perfect sense and is a useful and valuable tool to guide and help those struggling with anxiety and overwhelm" 
- Paula - 
"I read your book and I found it brilliant - getting rid of the 
negativity in my brain is the one thing I struggle with and your book is helping me a lot - I am just about to start reading it again" 
- Tina - 
"I gulped this book down initially almost in one sitting! 
It feels like it was written specifically for me and I know that so many others will feel the same as they read it. 
Vanessa’s voice is soothing and reassuring and I feel her encouraging me on every page. 
In my attempts to understand what has been happening to me I have read many self help books but this one feels very different. 
It is comforting and accessible from the very first page. 
I can finally see my path to the life I want to be living laid out simply before me in manageable steps. 
The QR code to the worksheets and resources is a great idea and very easy to use. No need for any apps just point your phone’s camera st the code and click on the link that immediately opens up. It’s so much better than seeing blank worksheet pages within the body of the book in the way most such books do which are intimidating and pressurising. 
I have already gone back to the start of the book and worked my way through the first couple of exercises and am now reflecting on what I have already learnt and looking forward to working properly through the next chapter. 
The Rebel Method is a gift that needs to be shared widely. I can already think of several friends who I know will be so delighted to receive their own copies. They will need their own to highlight key passages, scribble notes on and keep them company on their journey to healing - just as I already am. I’m not sharing mine that’s for sure! 
Let Vanessa support you too and see how simply and effectively her words can help you can transform your life." 
- Liney - 
"I wholeheartedly recommend Vanessa’s Rebel method to anyone who feels that life has nothing to offer them. Her way of working with you to bring out the worthiness in you and show you a way to reshape your life is quite remarkable. 
This book is written in Vanessa’s logical and empathetic style and you cannot fail to understand that she cares deeply about her work." 
- Julia - 
"There is so much useful information I don't know where to start/ I simply love the idea of the cups of life versus the wheel of life. The little picture of the butterfly is a great reminder of how we transform using the rebel method. I too am a coach and I often am so hard on myself that I needed to be reminded of the inner critic and that I am enough. Lots of useful information and thoughtful on how to notice the inner critic and how to lovingly embrace it and let it go. Great thought provoking exercises well written. Bravo Vanessa. Ps I've been to one of her retreats after mom passed. I was full of doubt depression guilt and grief. I learned so much." 
- Paolina - 
"Vanessa's book is amazing for so many reasons. The book is easy-to-read, her writing style so natural, that it immediately reassures. Vanessa's warmth, compassion and positivity just ooze from every page. Her rebel method making total sense - with clear supported steps to follow and associated material and exercises. Her honesty about her own experiences was an added bonus, as were the case studies. I could recognise myself in parts of each of them. 
I have been fortunate to attend one of Vanessa's retreats, to meet her in person, and work with her for a little while. Vanessa is as genuine in real life as she comes across in her book. Her Rebel Method allowed me to understand who I am by myself, who I want to be, and what I need to do to be that person. Not a quick fix, nor an easy journey at times. But with Vanessa's support I can honestly say I have never been happier or truer to myself. I accept who I am, and the very harsh inner critic is now a well-managed tiny voice that I manage in a positive way. 
For me one of the main positives of Vanessa's approach and style is her belief that we are all individuals. She does not dictate to you in any way how you should be, or what your values should be. No long-winded scientific explanations. No unrealistic aspirations to be "perfect". Her method is a tried-and-tested toolkit to help you discover these things about yourself by yourself. Vanessa listened, but showed me what happened when I listened to myself, to allow my voice to be heard, and to work towards my own dreams, that I am valued, that I am more than good enough, and that it is OK for me to be me. I am so grateful to be a rebel. Thank you Vanessa x" 
- Karen - 

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