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Meet The Retreat Team   

From the moment you contact Crystal Clear Coaching it is of upmost importance that you feel safe and protected. Every one of the Crystal Clear Team has been personally selected by Vanessa to ensure that you are given the very best of care and consideration. 

Vanessa Wallace 

With over 20 years experience of working in mental health services Vanessa has been on a journey of recovery herself from anxiety, depression and addictions. 
Vanessa brings out the best in her clients supporting them to access their own self confidence and self belief. She is an amazing listener with a calmness and non- judgemental approach that is compassionate and understanding. 
Vanessa believes that everyone has their own amazingness and ability to shine, we just need to give ourselves permission to access that. 

Lorna Wiggins 

Imagine a clear mind, feeling grounded and calm; better connected, confident and positive, no longer being hard on your self – it’s all possible. Not only can Lorna help you explore and understand where your worry and fears are rooted, she can introduce you to a range of strategies including her extensive and personal experience with mindfulness which transforms into practical self-help steps. 
Lorna believes that becoming an active participant in your own recovery can make you feel good about yourself. Taking the courageous step of seeking help will start you on the path back to happiness and enjoyment will return to your life. 

JJ Van Zon 

As a certified hatha yoga teacher JJ balances the body movements with a positive mindset. JJ's warm and theatrical, teaching style instils clarity and confidence in overcoming any limiting beliefs that hold you back. 
In his spiritual coaching he'll show you the tools to create that magnetic energy that will provide the things you need to enjoy a happy and healthy life. Love Ambassador JJ believes that when we choose love over fear, we are aligned with our spirit. And when we choose from the heart, we are less affected by distractions and can enjoy life with peace and joy. 

Sue Royle 

“My aim is to share the skills I have learnt during my years of training and my own experiences, to ensure every moment is engaging and enjoyable as I demonstrate and share techniques that can be incorporated into our everyday lives. I enjoy combining the science and the spiritual, capturing the elegance of our own bodies embracing elements, seasons, breath balance and positivity to ensure our time together is accessible to all of you and most of all transferable into our daily lives. , sharing ways that relaxation can be incorporated into every day. Giving us permission to pause even if only for a moment or two making space for self-care." 

Jacqui Thomson 

She retrained in something that she has always been passionate about and qualified as a Massage Therapist and has now also got Hopi Ear Candling and Holistic Facials as part of her treatment list.  
She is very in tune with all her client’s needs and works with them from the emotional, physical and general stresses of life, to release tension in the body. Clients often experience a healing crisis during or after treatment but this is a great release of tension and the benefits are amazing! 
She is a member of the Institute of Complementary Therapists and has an ever growing clientele. Jacqui runs her own Wellness Business called Forever Therapies and Wellbeing based in West Sussex. 

Sarah Summers 

Understanding the mindset of her clients is a priority for Sarah, as the mind transfers to our body and we hold on to emotions, it is of the upmost importance that clients leave feeling revitalised in the body, mind and soul. 
When Sarah became a Sports Massage Therapist she went on a journey led her to becoming an NLP practitioner and Hypnotherapist. 
"I love helping people with aches and pains in their bodies and minds, balancing the soul." 
We are so happy to have Sarah as part of the Retreat Team and bringing her unique approach to giving respite to our clients. 

Micha Reid 

Micha believes that anyone, from any background can and should be given the opportunity to heal; it is possible. 
Micha has had her own challenges with C-PTSD, anxiety, depression and addiction. She has a deep empathy and understanding of how it feels to go through these things, and knows that change is possible. She has been on her own journey of recovery and has managed to overcome and walk through many of the difficulties she has experienced. 
Micha knows that the first step can often be the most difficult one - asking for help. She supports clients in making that first step into their own journey. 

Kirsty Parris 

"My passion has always been to help people - no matter what the problem is." 
Since an early age Kirsty has always been drawn to those in need of support. Training to become a counsellor in her 20's, Kirsty has used her natural abilites to benefit others.  
Having first hand experience of mental health struggles for most of her adult life, being diagnosed in her 30's with PTSD, Kirsty totally understands how lonely and isolating anxiety and depression can be. 
Kirsty has made it her lifelong mission to help as many people as she can to shake off the things that hold them back. 
"It [the retreat] was brilliant. I never expected to have felt as comfortable as I did, so quickly. Vanessa, Lorna and the team created a supportive environment to open up and share, with no judgement. I feel like I've made friends for life!" - Kate 

Book a call with one of the team now to apply for the retreat and this Transformational Opportunity. 

There are only a few places on this retreat and they are in high demand. Click on the link below to book an application call with me. 
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