Crystal Clear Coaching provides help and support in life without judgement. 

Perhaps you are asking these questions of yourself?

  • I feel stuck- how can I move forward?
  • My relationships are not going well, how can I improve them?
  • I have such low self-worth and self-esteem, how can I believe in myself?

Or perhaps you say these things to yourself….

  • I’m always procrastinating.
  • My motivation is so low.
  • I can not focus on my tasks.
  • I have too much to do.
  • I’m going to lose my job if things don’t change.
  • I’m always rushing.
  • I'm so stressed and anxious

 If you identify with any of these above then Coaching may be a good, life changing option for you.

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What is Coaching?

Coaching is a space to where you can to improve the quality of your experiences and life in a number of ways. These may be improving performance, well being, communication, self-belief, thinking skills and behaviour patterns. Through the process of the coaching possibilities financially, emotionally, developmentally and in life can be achieved.

Change can happen and we can be the masters of it!


Are you looking for a transformational experience?

Would you like to go away for a weekend and then come home feeling renewed, revitalized, stress-free and ready to face life with a re-charged energy?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then Crystal Clear Retreat might be just the place for you. Have a look at our latest video, by clicking the link below.

Crystal Clear Retreat

What other professionals say about us....

"Vanessa is a fantastic coach offering ideas with an approachable manner. Her listening and communication skills are excellent and she enables you to get to the heart of the topic and gently explore your true feelings and the possible options. Her wealth of experience makes you feel safe and comfortable.

I would recommend her to anyone looking for a knowledgeable, personable coach who will leave you feeling better-informed and and very capable to make the most informed choices with regard to any matters that need to be addressed."

Denis Rafter Rafter Associates, Financial Management.

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