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Mindfulness enables you to focus on, and be present, in the moment. Your brain has been trained over many years to think about everything, which is an important coping mechanism. As a consequence, now, and due to the amount of mental stimulus you are exposed to during the course of a day, you may find you are unconsciously constantly sifting through dialogues in your mind. As a result you may often either live in the past or the future, unable to stop the constant mental chatter in your brain. 
One advantage of being mindful is that it allows you to respond to situations with calmness and composure rather than reacting emotionally in a “knee-jerk” fashion. 

How does mindfulness help you to do this? 

Mindfulness helps to extinguish the constant chatter. It is a great tool to reduce the intensity of the unhelpful thought processes in the brain. When I work with you I will help you to do this by accepting the thoughts are there and gently bringing you back to focus on a task. I will also help you to maintain an open, non-judgmental stance. The bonuses for you are improvement in your productivity, less procrastination and reduced stress levels. 
At Crystal Clear Coaching we offer bespoke mindfulness sessions. Your session will be tailored to suit your needs to ensure you get the right session and benefits for you. 
Mindfulness works effectively alongside Coaching sessions. 
If you would like to try Mindfulness book a free 30 minute session with me via telephone or Skype (please make sure you are away from distractions and have some quiet around you when you attend your session). 
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