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A year ago, I went on a retreat to practice what I preach. On that retreat I connected with a part of me, which was really, really important. That part of me was my grandmother.  
I never knew my grandmother, she had her difficulties in her life. And I have always wanted to explore her life more, I left that retreat, and I was gifted some Rebecca Campbell cards. And all year I’ve just been working on this need to connect with my grandmother and the need to heal some of the pain that comes down my mother’s side of the family. There’s a lot of pain, there’s a lot of restriction, there’s a lot of shame.  
There’s a lot of people who are women who just weren’t able to be who they wanted to be, we’re just restricted because of the rules around women. Not to go into the specifics too much but, on the back of that, a year later, after doing some deep, deep inner work I want to work with people on this to help them ‘heal’ their mother lines. Heal the trauma that has been handed down the female lineage. Because most of my clients, I would say about 80% of my clients have a mother who is either from addiction, alcoholic, has mental health difficulties, or is a narcissist. It’s not about blaming our mothers, but looking at what’s come down, that’s caused our mothers to be this way. I am running an exciting program and I’m running it as a beta program. So it’s actually half price. And I’m looking for a group of six people to come on board with me. And we’re going to go on this journey together for three months. So we’re going to have live calls, meditations, worksheets, we’re going do some deep exploring, inner work and therapy. And you know, I’ll be on this journey with you, it’s supporting you holding the space for you to really explore this and the title is "Healing the mother line". 
If you would like to help and can spare a couple of minutes do fill in this questionnaire. 
I would appreciate this so much. It helps us to know how this is impacting people's lives at the moment. 
In this video I describe the course I am doing and why I have pivoted my business from retreats (I am still doing the retreats by the way) to serve this community of people who are struggling with behaviours thoughts and feelings and can't understand why. The answer is often in our upbringing and our genetics when we are stuck and that requires a different approach to standard therapy. We need to explore and 'Heal our mother line'. There is a new type of woman coming through, we are no longer restricted by the 'rules' of the paternal and masculine but we are still influenced by it in so many ways. This programme is about freeing ourselves from that so we can be who we truly are. 
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