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Just recently I was with a client and we put together a self care plan, it is not your standard self care plan so I want to share it with you as I feel it will be useful.  
1. Be patient with yourself - when we have been through a difficult time emotionally it can take time to heal. The brain is like any other part of the body, if it has sustained an injury (which it does when we go through a trauma, difficult bereavement, a divorce, burnout or breakdown) it takes time to mend. 
The good news is though that it is mendable but you absolutely need to take care of it to heal. 
2. Don't let problems build up - get help, talk to someone, journal or use key techniques like CBT to get off the hamster wheel of thoughts.  
3. Ask questions - allow your voice to be heard, if you are unsure of something ask. 
4. If you have been prescribed medication take it regularly, don't chop and change it, this will mess up your emotional system in itself. 
5. Any time you do feel good write it down, you can use a gratitude list. Try my 21 days of gratitude as a starting point. 
6. Use grounding techniques to support you to find calm (this heals your brain). Do this as often as you can.  
Also do check out my book 'The REBEL method' for a comprehensive guide as to how to manage anxiety and depression, it is now available on Audible too. 
Or if you want to really go all in and tackle your anxiety and depression once and for all check out my 3 day retreats available all over the country.  
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