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The House by the Loch  Inverness  "Move from Overwhelm to Peace of Mind" 


    Welcome to The House by the Loch  Healing the Mother Line VIP Retreat    Release the negative messages you received as a child so you can truly be yourself  

House by the Loch is the perfect Highland exclusive house. Warm and inviting, clean and contemporary, with dramatic views of the loch and mountains from nearly every window. 
A huge oak dining table to enjoy fabulous meals. 
The venue is only a 20 minute drive from Inverness City Centre. Easy access therefore from Inverness train station located in the city centre and Inverness Airport, just over half an hours drive away.  
The house will be exclusively ours and arrivals will be late afternoon on the 6th November. Dinner will be served that evening. Check out will be 9am on the 10th November we will provide you with breakfast before you go. 
What will you experience.... 
A nurturing and safe environment to explore and understand yourself 
A space to really reflect and find a way forward 
Time in nature (wild swimming if you wish) - nature is proven to have real healing beneifts 
Good community 
Empowerment and the ability to be in alignment with your true self, to be honest and to be heard and acknolwedged as you are. You will learn how to thrive rather than survive and step into a the person you are truly meant to be.  
Who is it for ? 
Mid life women who are experiencing low self esteem and worth and feel that it is related to their relationship with their mother.  
All of these situations have an individual impact for each of us. 
The problems you may be experiencing 
- Childhood memories that are difficult 
- Difficulties with your relationship with your mother 
- People pleasing 
- Struggles with boundaries in your life 
- Dysfunctional relationships (e.g attraction to narcissitic people)  
- Behaviours that you know are not helpful for you. 
Meet Vanessa 
After years of active and chronic addiction I came into recovery in 2001 to be confronted with a whole heap of self love work I needed to do. 
I was terrified of judgement and was a chronic people pleaser. 
I struggled to take risks as I was worried of failure and what people would think. 
My life was limited as a result and I felt frustrated with my inauthenticity. 
Following a life transition into running my own business in 2017 (the business of my dreams) I ventured onto a spiritual path which took me to Australia to a retreat last year. 
There I connected with some of my lineage. I had always been curious about my grandmother who was an alcoholic. Was that where I got it from? 
My journey since then has involved a deeper level of healing and discovery and I am so excited to share this with other women to help them 'Heal their mother line' and release what has been passed down to us in dysfunction and mental struggles due to the restrictions that have been placed on women for so many years. 
Meet Tania 
For years, fear, insecurity, and disconnection have consumed my life. These emotions trapped me in a continuous battle with self-doubt, convinced that I was never truly deserving. Consequently, I found myself constantly seeking external validation, desperately trying to prove my worth. This pursuit only led me to attract toxic relationships, perpetuating a cycle of unhappiness. All of these struggles have their origins deeply embedded in the wounds of generational trauma. 
All of that transformed when I fully embraced my personal healing journey with my ancestors. Today, I proudly stand as the leading lady in my own life. I have finally unlocked the ability to love myself unconditionally and become my own source of validation. With newfound courage, I fearlessly pursue my dreams and embrace risks. The shadow of failure and judgment no longer haunts me. I have learned to trust my intuition, seeking guidance within myself as my truest confidant. Finally, I am thriving in a life I wholeheartedly adore. 
I am here to support women like you, who have trodden the same path as mine, in breaking free from the burdens of generational trauma that have shaped your experiences. Together, we can pave the way for your personal growth and empower you to shine brightly in your own journey. 
Retreat Testimonials 
"On the retreat I experienced that I am not alone on my journey and there are many coping mechanisms and aids that can support and enable a mind cleanse, a restoration of calmness and focus. That its important to self care and to stay true to my values and needs." 
Shana September 2023 
"This retreat has given me the gentle encouragement, support and tools to make changes in my life that I know will enable me to overcome my own barriers to happiness and peace" 
Mandy September 2023 

RETREAT DATES - The House by the Loch Investment £1200 inc VAT Shared room cost £800 inc VAT 

Our policy is to have a conversation with all who are interested in our retreats to ensure that this is the right option for you.  
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HEALING THE MOTHER LINE RETREAT The House by the Loch Inverness-shire  

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