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Using Vanessa Wallace's Rebel Method, this unique 3-day Anxiety & Depression Recovery Retreat will take you on a journey of renewal, giving you the tools and time away from the pressures of everyday life to aid reflection and healing from negative thoughts, trauma and emotional difficulties.  You will move from overwhelm and negative thinking to peace of mind, finding the contentment you dream of and understanding why you feel the way you do.  You will be in an environment where there is no judgement helping you feel accepted and understood.   

  What will you experience at our 3-day retreats?   

Mindfulness and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy 
The Crystal Clear team will work with you to help you to manage your negative thoughts and develop techniques to deal with overwhelm using Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, mindfulness and techniques to help you to feel 'safe' and 'normal' again. 
They will show you evidence-based techniques and the right help into your life enabling you to feel happier within yourself, helping you to become more positive in your relationships both with yourself and others. 
We also teach a variety of techniques to support you to be more focused and in the moment, bringing peace of mind, calming down worry and anxiety and lifting your mood. Supporting you to be consistent in your self healing programme to enable long term results for you. 

  We provide a space where you can talk about your problems with no judgement. Feel normal again   

At Crystal Clear Retreats we believe in a whole range of methods to improve well-being. Movement is one vital ingredient in the journey. Movement can be anything from a light walk, to playing a sport. Our team work with you to establish what works best for you, our movement coach will educate you on all the benefits of regular movement. 
Our team all have personal experience of anxiety and depression so are very attuned to your needs and tailor the session specifically for this purpose. 
The movement sessions are physically gentle and can be adapted for all physical needs. 
Movement provides you with a sense of wellbeing, and helps to build self-esteem and confidence. It supports you to balance your moods and feel generally rested and rejuvenated. 
Empowering you to make the right choices for you 
We provide you with the tools to take your life forward with hope and excitement for your future. 
You will explore your values and how working with these supports you to be more content and at peace in life. 
We guide you through this process enabling you to understand and feel connected with your true needs as well as developing a plan of how to bring these into 2023 as new goals for your wellbeing. 
Connection with likeminded people 
A benefit of a retreat is the opportunity to connect with likeminded people. By sharing with others you can eliminate any sense of isolation and loneliness that often comes with Anxiety and Depression. You can come away feeling a sense of being heard and knowing that you are not alone. Also, that this is not your fault. 
Group sessions are facilitated by a psychotherapeutic team bringing a family feel to the whole retreat and safety to share and be open about your feelings, negative thoughts and experiences. 
You can truly be yourself when you are with us.  
Fun and Self Care 
We aim to make your experience fun and relaxing as well as taking a serious concern for addressing anxieties and feelings of depression and healing you as a person. There is time for you to relax on your own or with others. The gardens provide tranquillity for a peaceful walk and reflection and there is time for this in our relaxing but balanced programme. 
The evenings are filled with fun activities with a therapeutic theme to them. It is time to talk with others or engage in some fun activities to help you relax whilst socialising with other likeminded people. 
Self-care is a key theme throughout the retreat and we show you how to slow down in life and implement self-care, putting yourself first. 
One to one sessions 
We provide 1-1 sessions prior to the retreat, on request, during the retreat and for 3 months after the retreat. The sessions will be with one of our expert psychotherapists and counsellors who are highly skilled and qualified in delivering, counselling, CBT, mindfulness, pain management and trauma therapy. With your allocated therapist you can develop a plan for your recovery and have the ongoing support to implement all the skills into your life when you are back home if you choose to take this option. 
The post retreat sessions can be held face to face, over zoom or the telephone dependent on your location and preference. 
Our Massages help you to truly relax into your retreat experience. It is pure indulgent time out for you. 
The massage will leave you with a deep sense of calm, relief from stress and feeling renewed and revitalised. 
Massage also helps to release emotions that get locked in the body, supporting you to move forward and relieve the tension caused by stored up emotion. 
You can talk with our massage therapist Frankie about what is comfortable for you. You may opt for a deep tissue massage, some reflexology or a head massage. All of these are beneficial for your mental health.  

You are never asked to share more than you feel comfortably able to  and there is an opportunity of a 1-1 session if you prefer to not share in a group.  


Young Persons Retreat - FAQs 

Will I have my own room? 
What's involved? 
We run 3 days of workshops, 1-1 sessions, physical activity sessions (yoga or something similar) 
Do I get food? 
Yes, the hotel provides all the food for 3 days, it is varied and scrummy! 
Do I have to eat with everyone else? 
We prefer that you do as it helps you to be part of the community 
Are the sessions compulsory? 
Not entirely, but we may come and seek you down if you don't come to a session 
How many people are going to be in the group? 
Maximum of 8 
WilI get 1-1 therapy? 
One of the questions we have been asked about our Young person's anxiety and depression recovery retreat is 
'How will I know that I will feel safe and that the staff will take care of me?' 
Our answer to this is: 
The facilitators have been running group sessions for many years, it is vitally important for us to make everyone feel 'safe' within a group. How we do this is by regular check in's with you throughout the retreat and for you to have a space to say how you are feeling in the sessions.  
We have been running groups for many years in various places for mental wellbeing and we know how scary it can be to join something like this. 
Everyone who joins the retreat goes through an assessment so you can be sure that no one will be impacting the group in a negative way. 
We also have terms and conditions where we state that if anyone is disruptive to the group they will be removed. 
It is our absolute priority to keep everyone safe. 
No one can get well in an environment where you do not feel safe 
"I really loved being part of a group and being in such a safe space. There was huge doubt in my mind when I arrived but I now feel really empowered to make the changes I want to make and I feel like I have a new lease of life" 
Ant May 2023 
"Take the leap and sign up." 
Kathryn, May 2021 
"The course opens you up to so much and gives you the tools to learn so much about yourself and others. I would like to say thank you so much, your work with the group was brilliant and I have friends for life now."  
Michelle, March 2019 

Our Venue 



Sedgebrook Hall Northamptonshire 


"Don't let fear hold you back! Engage wholeheartedly with the process and you will feel the benefit." 
Jennifer, April 2022 
"Really grateful for the experience, life skills, learning about yourself and trying something out of your comfort zone." 
Barry, November 2019 
"Feel like a new man, I am determined to maintain this inner peace moving forward.  
Thank you." 
Dan, September 2019 

Who is it for?   

19-24yr old men and women who have struggled with anxiety and depression, past traumas or addictions and would like to really move into gaining peace of mind and putting themselves first for once. 
Those who are committed to making changes in their lives and had genuinely had enough of trying to just get by. 
People who feel and know that there is something better for them in life and they want to access that. 
Individuals in recovery who want a boost to their journey of recovery, enhance their self worth, implement more self care, connect with themselves and explore their spirituality. 
"You made me see and understand things better, you gave me hope and have shown me skills I can use to help me." 
Shannan, March 2019 
"Give yourself the chance to have some you time and get to know yourself." 
Callum, November 2019 
"This retreat really as been a fantastic experience and truly helped to change my mindset on life. When I did not think there was any hope the retreat has made me realise there is and I will be happy again" 
Zara , April 2022 


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