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Are you a healthcare worker? Are you feeling the impact of burnout and overwhelm? Is there a traumatic event that keeps you from moving forward? Do you feel there are issues from your past that are keeping you stuck in unhealthy patterns? 
Over the past five years I have worked with many healthcare workers that have answered ‘yes’ to almost all these questions. They said they “suffered from problems following an event that was not dealt with”, they felt “burnt out”, felt there was “too much work pressure to allow me to heal from trauma.” All of them said there were issues from the past they felt needed to be addressed. 
Healthcare staff over the world are working under circumstances that are stressful, anxiety provoking and overwhelming. Many have shared with me that they don’t feel they are getting the support they need, and deserve, from their employers. This is something that needs to change, my belief is that if we are not taking care of ourselves how can we care for others? If we are experiencing these overwhelming feelings then our ability to work in a way that is effective is affected, this is what I have seen and experienced over the years. 
I have learnt the importance of taking time out to focus on my needs, so that I can better care for those around me. 
The healthcare workers I have worked with have shared with me that before they came to work with me they felt “anxious and depressed”, “unsure how to move on” and “frustrated”. My goal is to work with you to provide you with tools to manage your feelings, to cope in the fast paced world of healthcare and learn about what your needs are. 
Many of my clients have said they just needed “help.” This is what is central to Crystal Clear Retreats, getting support and time for you to work through the things we can’t when we are working, bringing up families and caring for others. The Healthcare Professionals I have worked with all said that the support they received through the retreat has helped them to move forward, that they felt listened to and not alone with their problems any more. 
After working with Crystal Clear clients said that they were “better able to move forward,” “I am more aware of what I need to do” and “I have made a big shift forward and learned new skills for when things feel tough.” 
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