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Be Yourself Workshop  2024 date coming soon!  

What is the difference between: 
Someone who can feel relaxed, accept themselves as they are and have positive healthy relationships with others and 
Someone who feels no one understands them or will listen to them or even believe them? 
The difference is their understanding of who they are and their ability to get the right support but also put themselves first and be their ‘true selves’.  
One of the greatest problems with this is that we are often influenced in our lives by our upbringing, previous traumas or society’s expectations on us that we do not know who we are anyway. When we are in this position how can we live truly in accordance with our true selves? 
In this workshop I help you to identify your true self, 'who you are' and what your assets actually are (we all have them). I also help you to recognise what is not working for you and why. 
Would you like to gain this understanding of yourself? If so, come and join this workshop. 
Meet like minded people 
Fill out questionnaires to find out who you truly are 
Be free to share your truth with other people in a safe and non judgemental setting 
Build a plan to be more in alignment with you, bringing you happiness, peace of mind and tools to put yourself first 
Ideal for anyone who is: 
Feeling stuck 
Unable to be yourself 
People pleasing 
A carer 
Course Date: 2024 date coming soon 
Course Hours: 4pm to 6:30pm 
Course Location: Zoom, link will be sent out on registration 
Course Fee: £80 per person 



 The Rebel Method Workshops   

10th February 2024 
16th March 2024 
2024 date coming soon 
New date coming soon 
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