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Remove The Inner Critic Workshop  Next workshop date 10th February 2024  

Welcome to my 5 Rebel Method Workshops 

What is the difference between someone who can: 
1. Feel like they are ‘normal’ and fit in when they are around other people and 
2. Someone who worries about going out and sometimes cancels because they do not feel good enough? 
The answer is …. Their relationship with their inner critic 
We all have one but for some it is extremely negative and also some are able to manage it better than others. 
Why is this? 
Join me in my REBEL method workshop on “Removing your Inner Critic” to find out. 
The workshop will help you gain peace of mind to go out and face new situations with confidence, peace of mind and without the inner negative voice overwhelming you. 
Meet like minded people 
Understand your inner critic 
Understand where it comes from, childhood, bullies, ourselves, employment, school 
Understand the links between your inner critic and feelings of hopelessness 
Come away from the workshop knowing what you need to do 
Ideal for anyone who is: 
Struggling with low self-esteem 
Is haunted with persistent negative thinking 
Suffering from Social phobia 
Besieged with insecurities e.g. have Imposter Syndrome 
Course Date: 10th February 2024 
Course Location: Zoom, link will be sent out on registration 
Course Hours: 4pm to 6pm GMT 
Course Fee: £80 per person 



 The Rebel Method Workshops   

10th February 2024 
16th March 2024 
New date coming soon 
New date coming soon 
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