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Educate About The Mind Workshop  DATE 16th March 2024  

What is the difference between someone who can: 
Manage their anger and negative feelings in difficult situations and 
Someone who is overwhelmed, stressed and feeling that they just can’t get it right? 
The answer is… 
Their understanding of how their brain works and what they can control. 
Simply when we understand how our brain works we can start to change the brain, yes you can actually do that.  
Often we get the wrong help that is not focused on rewiring our brain’s chemistry leaving us repeating the same patterns in life and hence not feeling we are getting anywhere, in fact it might feel like we are going backwards. 
This workshop will help you to understand the intricate workings of your brain and how it’s intention to ‘protect you’ and keep you safe often backfires on you. 
In this workshop you will ... 
- Meet like minded people 
- Get the right support amd tools to manage your negative thinking 
- Learn how to manage overwhelming emotions 
- Gain a life balance you have never experienced before 
- Feel more like a ‘normal’ human being 
Ideal for anyone who has: 
A history of trauma 
Dysfunctional families 
Addiction/mental health issues in the family 
Negative thinking & rumination 
Overwhelming emotions 
Course Date: 16th March 2024 
Course Hours: 4pm to 6pm 
Course Location: Zoom, link will be sent out on registration 
Course Fee: £80 per person 


If you would like to buy this workshop or the complete set, please complete the form and click on the appropriate payment link below. 
It is is important that you do complete the form so that you can be fully registered for the workshop. 

 The Rebel Method Workshops   

10th February 2024 
16th March 2024 
New date coming soon 
New date coming soon 
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